The mission of Gilford High School, in partnership with our communities, is to engage each student actively in a broad range of educational opportunities that will equip all students to be lifelong learners and responsible citizens who have the abilities necessary to thrive in a changing society.


1. We believe learning occurs best in disciplined, safe, and respectful environments where community members are valued and expected to play their roles in education and be accountable for their actions;

2. We believe in a comprehensive program that strives to meet the educational needs of each student, and that students benefit most from a personalized education, delivered in an optimal setting, that has relevance to their own lives and experiences, and which will encourage further inquiry;

3. We believe that our students will be best served by an on-going assessment of the academic, social, and civic skills required to succeed in a changing world and by providing multiple opportunities to acquire these skills through a variety of instructional approaches and activities which can take place in and outside the classroom;

4. We believe in strong school, business, and community partnerships;

5. We believe that open communication between school and home is an integral factor of the Gilford High School Community and we encourage parents and guardians to participate in their child's education and to ensure their students' daily attendance;

6. We believe that an enthusiastic, innovative, and knowledgeable staff working collaboratively is essential to student performance;

7. We believe that a curriculum that is delivered with an appropriate balance on depth of understanding and breadth of coverage inspires student engagement and achievement and further inquiry; and

8. We believe that appropriate integration of applicable technology is essential to the education process.


Gilford High School Students will…

1. Demonstrate the ability to write, speak, present, read, listen, and view effectively;

2. Demonstrate the ability to think critically and solve problems using a variety of strategies in addition to

employing a decision making process that is justifiable and based on supporting evidence;

3. Demonstrate the ability to transfer specific content knowledge and skills and apply them in a wide

spectrum of settings and for a variety of purposes;

4. Demonstrate the ability to work effectively in groups as well as independently; and

5. Demonstrate the ability to use a variety of technologies to obtain, organize, and communicate

information as well as to facilitate problem solving.


Gilford High School Students will…

1. Assume responsibility for one's own planning, decisions and actions.

2. Contribute to the well-being, respect and welfare of others within the school community.


Gilford High School Students will…

1. Demonstrate the rights and responsibilities of an individual in a democratic society.

2. Demonstrate a sense of community through respect, understanding and service to others.

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