Growth Plan

Gilford High School Growth Plan August 2018-June 2021

1. Foster a school climate and culture with the expectation that it inspires and promotes optimal, personalized student learning and achievement for all students.

a. Review and revise the intervention system to personalize early intervention for students who are not working at a successful level with the expectation that their academic achievement will improve.

b. Evaluate and refine the advisor-advisee program to improve relationships between the adults and students in the building with the expectation that it will translate into improved engagement.

c. Establish strong relationships to discover what our students' interests are as well as potential obstacles so all students feel supported in finding their passion.

d. Continue to explore and provide personalized learning opportunities (ELO's, internships, course curriculum) for all students.

2. Implement 21st century learning skills to promote a common language that ensures all stakeholders understand the skills necessary to be successful for college and career-ready

a. Revise the school's core values, beliefs about learning, and vision of the graduate to create common language throughout the building

b. Identify 21st century learning skills that are critical to be learned within each content area

3. Strengthen interdisciplinary practices across content domains

a. Clarify what effective lesson structures and best instructional practices are and implement them into the classroom to maximize teaching and learning experiences

b. Continue subject area/grade level discussions on common reading and writing strategies

4. Evaluate and refine assessments, grading practices (formative & summative), and review and update competencies to accurately inform all stakeholders.

a. Regularly review and analyze student-performance data to inform and improve curriculum, instruction, and assessment

b. Review and revise competencies so they are available to all stakeholders

c. Assess and evaluate assessments (formative, summative, performance-based assessments) to make informed decisions to support effective instructional practices that advance student learning (personalized learning, differentiation)

5. Continue to provide a safe, nurturing, and secure learning environment that allow students to achieve their full potential.

a. Communicate to the school and communities information about important events and programmatic highlights

b. Continue to provide a safe learning environment for all students and staff and include all as part of the process when seeking feedback

c. Foster community relations to provide information, programs, interventions, guest speakers, and supports for learning regarding the health and well-being for our students and staff

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