We like to recognize learners that exemplify an “above and beyond” mentality and work ethic. Learners nominated for this recognition have exhibited one of the four characteristics of our school’s motto, Gilford Students LEAD: LearnExcelAchieve, & Dream. The following students will be recognized through a school-wide announcement and will be invited to a celebration with school administrators. Again, congratulations! 

GHS LEAD Recognition October:      
Jacqueline  Wright, Jaiden McKenna, Alexa Smith, Shealagh Brown, Alexa Dahl, Reese Clark, Maggie  McNeil, Matthew McDonough, Jennie Gannon, Emily Waite, Robert Malynn, Alex Cheek, Gus Dillion, Mae Kenny, Maggie Shute, Grace Shoemaker, Jonah Nimirowski, Abbie  Fillion, Colton Workman, Jennie Gannon, Bradley McIntire , John  Mitchell, Bryce  Cote , Karly Sanborn, Kate Sullivan, Reese Clark, Sean Eaton, Peter Christensen, Ashley Servin, Greg Madore, Melody Davies, Olivia Anastasy, Charles Townsend, Molly  Wrobel, Greg Madore, Reagan McIntire, Ashleigh Mongovan, Breanna Vezina, Alex Cameron, Mikaila Sanville, Matthew Smith, Ryan Witham, Caroline Dean, Jonah Nimirowski, James Smalley, Kate Sullivan, Olivia Lofblad, Shushu Sawyer, Joey Voivod, Ryan  Witham , Geron Belanger, Malik Reece, Kimberly Daigneault, Nate Beautmiester, Sam  Holland, Madi  Lemire



Gilford Students LEAD