LearnExcelAchieve, & Dream

We like to recognize learners that exemplify an “above and beyond” mentality and work ethic. Learners nominated for this recognition have exhibited one of the four characteristics of our school’s motto, Gilford Students LEAD: LearnExcelAchieve, & Dream. The following students will be recognized through a school-wide announcement and will be invited to a celebration with school administrators. Again, congratulations! 

GHS LEAD Recognition March 2019: 

Brianna Fraser, Ashton Griggs, Taylor Hurst, Madi  Lemire, Mackenzie Roys, Olivia Salesky, Ian Taylor, Kiera Wood, Molly Wrobel, Faith Tubbs, Karin Derosiers, Lukas Loyer, Jack Cennamo, Molly McLean, Cordelia Larivee Ambrose, Olivia Comeau, Abby Jarvi, Hannah Waite, Erin Hart, Catherine Pingol, Matthew McDonough, Peter Christensen, Brianna Costa, Kendall Boisvert, Ashley Kulcsar, Alainnah Penny, Siravo Adrian, Braydon Taylor, Connor Sullivan, Gabriel Green, Savannah Harris, Curtis Nelson, McKenzie Yale, Faith Tubbs, Madilyn Spaulding, Gunnar Woodman, Brian Tremblay, Brianna Ryan, Brady Logan, Noah Marshall, Alex Cheek, Jacob Guay, Tyler Pearson, Kate Sullivan, Alex Cheek, Hale Kutuk, Josey Curley, Adam Sikoski, Kaelan O'Connor

GHS LEAD Recognition January 2019:      
Mike Maltais, Morgan Taylor, Ellie Swarthout, Will Perry, Corey McDowell, Ashley Servin, Michelle  Gallant, Baylee Gill, Emily O'Connor, Sam Mercer, Mae Kenney, Kendall Jones, Ruby Tinsley, Adrian  Siravo, Cordelia Larivee-Ambrose, Jacob Guay, Ian Taylor, MacKenzie Yale, Greg Madore, Alex Cheek, Taryn Fawkes, Delissa Brooks, Eddie Demers, Ian Sanville, Taryn Fawkes, Alex Aquaro, Alexandria Aquaro, Nicole  Green, Melody Davies, Eddie Demers, Will  Perry , Zoltan Stefan, Alex Cameron, Neil Miller, Bradley  McIntire, Matthew Smith



Gilford Students LEAD