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posted Jan 29, 2018, 7:03 AM by GHS Webmaster

Good Evening,

I was talking with students this afternoon about how this was the first full week in a while for them but they made it. We have four weeks to go until their next break.

Today, during advisory, all students reviewed their grades with their teacher. For students that may need a little extra support, our hope is that they put a plan together. Please check in with your child if you can regarding this.

From Nurse Jenkins- Flu season is upon us and I would like to include some recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as to when you should keep your child home.

Students and staff are encouraged to stay home for at least 24 hours after a fever breaks. Also of concern is the risk for post-flu pneumonia. Local school nurses attended an educational talk with Dr. Racicot and Dr. Santos last week. A concern, especially this year, for the pediatric population is the risk for pneumonia AFTER the flu when a child is seemingly on the rebound. If they start to exhibit signs of illness again, it is imperative that you call your PCP and/or bring them to urgent care or the emergency room.

The most widely watched meme of 2018 so far is what is called the "Tide Pod Challenge". It involves students eating the Tide pods. The Gronk is even trying to help. I’ve included a clip on this.

Enjoy your weekend!

Anthony Sperazzo


Gilford High School 


27                           UNH Choral Gala

31                           EARLY RELEASE 


1 & 2                      Jazz All-State festival 

2                              Departments promote their classes for next year

3                              Jazz All-State festival

5                              School Board meeting 6:00 GES

6                              Departments promote their classes for next year

                                School Deliberative session  7:00  auditorium

7                              Math meet  Gilford

9                              Interested sophomores visit HUOT  8:30-10:30