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Immunization Information

The State of NH requires that all students be immunized for school entry.

There are also many other recommendations regarding vaccines that are available, see the links below.

Pertussis or "whooping cough" is a contagious, respiratory disease that is highly communicable. All students in high school should have the Tdap unless it is medically contraindicated.
 Every student must meet the minimum standards for entry into school in NH. If you need help in obtaining access to a provider please feel free to call me.
 Community Health and Hospice, a division of Central New Hampshire VNA & Hospice have a "Shots for Tots" program, usually the first Monday of the month, by appointment only.
 Flu Vaccine
It is recommended that everyone from the age of 6 months and up be vaccinated against influenza. This should be done annually. Please consult your physician. 
Travel Information
For those families who travel to foreign countries or anticipate their child having a semester abroad or a foreign exchange, there are a number of vaccines that are recommended to prevent travel related illness.
Human Papilloma Virus vaccine is a three shot series for girls and in the future for boys. Please consult with your child's health care provider.
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