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Junior ImPACT Testing
       There will be an opportunity for the fall Junior athletes to take another baseline after the exam blocks in June. They have all been notified and should be seeing me to schedule a time

New Information!!!

Invisible Illness

Often children have a health issue that is not readily apparent. Below is a list of some of the issues students (and staff) deal with on an everyday basis.

I encourage you to ask your children if they know of kids who have such issues and what their thoughts on them are.


Food, Medication, Insect and environmental allergies can all be anaphylactic (needing emergency care if they are exposed)







Ehler Danlos (auto immune disorder)



Invisible disease







Post Traumatic Brain Injury



Postural  {standing up} Orthostatic {dropping blood pressure} Tachycardia {rapid heart rate} Syndrome


Seizure disorder


Party Host Law

Always remember, those who HOST, can lose the most: Most underage drinkers get their alcohol from adults. In 2004 the NH legislature passed a law (RSA 644:18) to hold "hosts" of parties responsible for the actions of underage participants. This law can be applied to any adult.

Under this Law
“Host” means a person who:
  • is at least 17 years old;
  • owns, rents, or has control of the site;
  • knows about the party; and
  • knows that persons under the age of 21 have a plan to drink alcohol or use drugs;

“Party” means:

  • five or more people under the age of 21 (not related to the host) are present; and
  • at least one person under the age of 21 has an alcoholic drink or an illegal drug.
What can happen to “hosts”? Under this law, a person who hosts a party where minors drink alcohol or use drugs may be charged with a misdemeanor, fined up to $2,000 and spend a year in jail.
To Stay Safe Under This Law
People whose properties may be the site of underage drinking or drug parties should:
  • tell local law enforcement officials as soon as possible;
  • take action to prevent the party; and/or
  • try to stop the party, if it has already started.
You can be part of the solution: Call the NH Liquor Commission’s Bureau of Enforcement at 1-888-8-Over-21 (888-868-3721, then #2 after prompt) to anonymously report underage alcohol violations such as sales to minors or upcoming parties. Partnering with law enforcement is a key strategy to reduce underage drinking in our communities.

Informational Links
Binge Drinking and Females
Interesting information released from the CDC regarding alcohol use among women and girls...... 

Mental Illness in Teens
 This is a great resource for parents who have children that may be struggling.

Information from the Poison Control Center

Great information for women and all of us regarding the signs and symptoms of a heart attack

New  For those of you who run or have student athletes that run, below is a list of some short videos produced by a physician that contributes to a blog that I subscribe to. There is some great information on conditions common to runners.
As always, please consult your child's physician iof you suspect an injury
Important Forms!!

Sports physicals must be completed (and current) and in the health office PRIOR to the start of tryouts!!! 

If you are not sure, please call our health office at  ASAP 527-9663, or email mjenkins@sau73.org to review your child's record with me.

Reminder about Medication while in School
If your child needs to take medication while in school:
Please reference the GHS Handbook)
A parent or responsible adult should bring it in.
A parent/guardian parent needs to sign the consent form.
It needs to be in a pharmacy labeled container.
There should be no more than what is needed at school.
These are state laws that the school district must abide by.


Also, please contact FamilyID if you have multiple accounts (caused by using different emails when registering each season)

Physicals for Freshman and new athletes must be in the health office prior to preseason!!!!! I will have the students medical files in June and once they are registered online, I can upload only the information I have. 
If your child had a physical in their 8th grade year, it WILL need to be repeated in their freshman year. NHIAA rules require they have at least one physical exam in HS. You will have the opportunity to upload the physical into FamilyID (where only I and the trainer will have access to it), once you register your child. 

Please do not assume that your health care provider has forwarded your child information to me.

Freshman ImPACT Testing
     Please note that ImPACT testing for fall sports will be done this spring. Almost all of the Gilmanton Students are done and I will be working with the Gilford 8th grade team to get them done prior to the end of school. This must be completed PRIOR to the beginning athletics.

Junior ImPACT Testing
       There will be an opportunity for the fall Junior athletes to take another baseline after the exam blocks in June.

New to Athletics ImPACT Testing
     Regardless of their grade, if a student is NEW to athletics, they will need a baseline test PRIOR to begining preseason athletics.

Sport physicals should be scheduled for no later than August 14. If you cannot get an appointment for your child, I encourage you to access care at either;

Clear Choice MD in the Belknap Mall in Belmont 


ConvenientMD in Concord 
(next to Buffalo Wild Wings on Loudon Rd). Both are done on a walkin basis and range from $20- $25



Flu season is here!!!!

Flu season is upon us and I would like to please include some recommendation from the CDC as to when you should keep your child home.





Students (and staff) are encouraged to STAY HOME for at least 24 hours after a fever breaks. Also of concern is the risk for a post flu pneumonia. Local school nurses attended an educational talk with Dr. Racicot and Dr. Santos last week. A concern especially this year, for the pediatric population, is the risk for pneumonia AFTER the flu, when a child is seemingly on the rebound. 

If they start to exhibit signs of illness again, it is imperative that you call your PCP and/or bring them to Urgent Care or the Emergency Room.

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