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Updated information on Measles
as there have been an increase in  reports of Measles across the country,  it seems prudent to update current information



Medication Use 

Students should NOT be self-medicating while in school unless there is a prior approval one for certain medications; i.e. inhalers, Epi-pens, diabetic supplies.  Please call the health office if you have any questions 527-9663

If your child needs to take medication while in school:   Please reference the GHS Handbook 

-  A parent or responsible adult should bring it in.

-  A parent/guardian parent needs to sign the consent form.

-  It needs to be in a pharmacy labeled container.

-  There should be no more than what is needed at school.
-  These are state laws that the school district must abide by.


Please let the health office know if your child needs to be on crutches. It is critical that they have an egress plan in the event of an emergency


Please contact FamilyID if you have multiple accounts (caused by using different emails when registering each season)

Physicals for Freshman and new athletes must be in the health office prior to preseason or tryouts!!!!!

If you are not sure, please call our health office at 527-9663 or email mjenkins@sau73.org to review your child's record with her.

If your child had a physical in their 8th-grade year, it WILL need to be repeated in their freshman year. NHIAA rules require they have at least one physical exam in HS. You will have the opportunity to upload the physical into FamilyID (where only I and the trainer will have access to it), once you register your child. 

Please do not assume that your health care provider has forwarded your child's information to the school health office.

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