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GHS Goals

Gilford High School Growth Plan   August 2015-June 2018

1.     Foster a school climate with the expectation that it inspires and promotes optimal, personalized student learning with pride.

a.     Improve the system for early intervention with students who are not working at a successful level with the expectation that their academic achievement will improve.

b. Evaluate and refine the advisor-advisee program to improve relationships between the adults and students in the building with the expectation that it will translate into improved student learning.

             c.     Recognize and celebrate student and staff achievements

2. Implement 21st century learning skills to promote a common language that ensures all stakeholders understand the skills necessary to be successful for college and career-ready

a. Revise the school’s core values, beliefs about learning, and vision of the graduate for common language used throughout the building

b. Develop core values that a GHS student should embody and find avenues for students to demonstrate these qualities

c. Conduct and share 21st century learning practices in each content area at faculty meetings and/or early releases

            3. Strengthen interdisciplinary practices across content domains

            a.   Research and use materials on best teaching practices through peer observation collaboration

            b.   Activate subject area/grade level discussions on reading and writing strategies (and consider alignment of writing instruction/assessment)

            c. Implement extended learning opportunities for students schoolwide

4. Evaluate and refine assessment tools, grading practices (formative & summative), and update competencies to accurately inform all stakeholders.

a. Expand personalized learning and involve all students in higher order thinking to promote depth of understanding

             b.     Interpret, report, and use assessment data to inform instruction

             c.     Review and revise competencies so they are available to all stakeholders  

d. Utilize formative assessments to make informed decisions to support effective instructional practices that advance student learning (personalized learning, differentiation)

5. Increase integration of available technology that will result in improved student learning.

            a.     Share knowledge and demonstrate staffs’ integration (learned via on-line courses, district training offerings, workshops, etc.) of technology into their classrooms with the entire staff

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Dec 7, 2017, 7:46 AM