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Freshmen Information

Incoming 8th Grade Parent Presentation

 Planning Timeline
At this stage in the game, you're laying the foundation for your high school career. This is a time to establish your academic and extracurricular credentials. You should also begin to explore options for your career or further education.



Get Involved--Think about extracurricular activities and your list of classes 
Pick the right mix of classes
Start a list of your activities, awards and honors to maintain throughout your GHS career.
Meet your school counselor

Make the grade
Explore your interests and possible careers
Consider volunteering 
Continue updating your list of activities, awards and honors

Build your credentials
Start learning about careers and post high school planning
Make summer count -  volunteer or see your counselor for other opportunities
Continue updating your list of activities, awards and honors

Start thinking about career interests- It is important for students to begin developing career goals even though these goals will likely change.
Participate in extracurricular activities- Make sure the student participates in athletics, clubs or both. Post-secondary institutions prefer students with activities that are sustained for the student's high school career.

Create a high school plan- Determine courses that would be beneficial for the student to develop likes and interests. Become familiar with the school's curriculum.


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