United States JCI Senate Foundation Scholarship

posted Oct 25, 2016, 8:10 AM by Polly Camire
Deadline: Postmarked by January 20, 2017.  Award: $250 for NH Winner, $1000 for National Winner. Applicants must be graduating high school seniors in the United States, where that state has an active JCI Senate Program (NH does) and who are planning to continue their education at an accredited post-secondary college, university or vocational school.  Applicants must also be a US citizen to apply. Applications are screened based on content, scholastic ability, extracurricular activities, neatness, financial need, and correctly following directions.  Applicants have been disqualified for not following directions.  For an application, please go to www.usjcisenate.org and find the scholarship link for information and forms.  Print the documents, instructions, and application.  This application may be filled in and printed directly from the electronic form, but MUST be submitted in hard copy form.  Please see Mrs.Camire in the School Counseling office for the address of where to send the application.