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The French Club is an organization that seeks to involve and connect students to a greater French culture. The mission of the organization is to foster a greater appreciation for French and francophone cultures.
Certain activities occur every year:
  • On Halloween, French Club sponsors a costume fundraiser/service project. The money is donated to a local charity.
  • Around the holidays, we make Quebecois pork pies and sell them at the holiday craft fair.
  • In January, we celebrate “La Fête des Rois” or Epiphany by partaking in the tradition of the King’s cake as done in France.
  • February marks another French holiday known as “Le Chandaleur”. We celebrate as they do in France by making and enjoying crepes.
  • We take in a professional performance that is somehow linked to French history or culture. In the past several years, we have attended performances of “Cirque du Soleil” as a group. Other featured performances include “Les Miserables” and “Phantom of the Opera”.
  • In Spring, we appreciate the art of cinema by watching a French movie.
Past actvities have included:
  • The French Club has ventured to Quebec City during the time of Winter Carnival.
  • Speakers have come in to meetings to illuminate us on various Francophone countries. As an example, several years ago, a community member who is an active advocate for assistance in Haiti came and spoke to us about the country and its challenges.
  • We have ventured to restaurants to enjoy French food. Local restaurants worked with us to create an authentic French menu and experience.
  • On occasion, in conjunction with the Art department, we have attended exhibits featuring French artists and sculptors.
Membership: All current and past students are encouraged to join. All students who are seeking to learn more of another culture are invited to join.
Club Advisor: Mrs. Louise Jagusch